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Below you will find some of our research with links to accessible summaries and full-length academic texts.


If you have trouble accessing a full-text article please contact us.

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How Much 'Lived Experience' is Enough? Understanding Mental Health Lived Experience Work from a Management Perspective

​This research aimed to explore management understanding of the lived experience required for designated lived experience or peer roles within mental health.

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The Stigma of Identifying as Having a Lived Experience runs Before Me: Challenges for Lived Experience Roles

This research aimed to better understand the experiences of Lived Experience workers in Australia and the challenges and the challenges they face.

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Taking a Gamble for High Rewards? Management Perspectives on the Value of Mental Health Peer Workers. 

This study aimed to better understand the views of management on Lived Experience work and it’s value. 

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The Global Need for Lived Experience Leadership.

This study aimed to examine global research, literature and professional experience to identify common challenges and experiences of the Lived Experience workforce, as well as future needs. 

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"You Don't know What You Don't Know': The Essential Role of Management Exposure,
Understanding and Commitment in Peer Workforce Development.

This study aimed to explore management understanding and attitudes towards Lived Experience workforce. The paper also aimed to explore workplace culture considerations that impact on Lived Experience roles and how management is contributing to it. 

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A role for Lived Experience Mental Health Leadership in the Age of COVID-19

This paper discusses the role for lived experience mental health leadership in the age of Covid-19

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Skin in the Game: The Professionalization of Lived Experience Roles in Mental Health

This study aimed to explore the arguments for and against professionalization are explored to understand the risks and benefits for the Lived Experience workforce.

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Effective peer employment within multidisciplinary organizations: Model for best practice

This paper discusses a best practice model for the effective employment of Lived Experience workers

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Role Titles and Descriptions Mental Health Lived Experience Workforce

An examination of example roles, specialisations, job titles and position descriptions for the Lived Experience workforce.

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To disclose or not to disclose? Peer workers impact on a culture of safe disclosure for mental health professionals with lived experience

This paper explores the impact of the Lived Experience workforce on the disclosure of lived experience by mental health professionals to their colleagues in their workplace and strategies that encourage disclosure.

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