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Below you will find a selection of important reports and noteworthy research with key findings for the Lived Experience workforce.

The research featured here has been led by credible Lived Experience researchers. Reports by Commissions have important policy implications for Lived Experience Workforce development. Links to summaries and/or full-length texts are provided below. This list will grow over time and is not intended to be exhaustive, rather to cover critical themes and feature ground-breaking work.

Mental Health: Productivity Commission Inquiry Report, Actions and Findings

Parl Paper No. 95, 30 June 2020.

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System: Final Report, Summary and Recommendations

Parl Paper No. 202, Session 2018–21 (document 1 of 6).

Co-production - putting principles into practice in mental health contexts

Roper, C., Grey, F., & Cadogan, E. (2018)


Real lives, real jobs: Sustaining consumer perspective work in the mental health sector.

​Bennetts, W., A. Pinches, T. Paluch and E. Fossey (2013)

Authentic engagement: A conceptual model for welcoming diverse and challenging consumer and survivor views in mental health research, policy, and practice

Daya, I., B. Hamilton and C. Roper (2019).

Employed but not included: the case of consumer-workers in mental health care services

Edan, V., Sellick, K., Ainsworth, S., Alvarez-Varquez, S., Johnson, B., Smale, K., Randall, R., Roper, C. (2021)

Why not a peer worker

Jackson, F. & Fong, T. (2017)

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