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Organisational commitment includes philosophical and financial commitment made by organisations, particularly at executive levels. Human resources policy and processes help realise that commitment in practice and are covered in a later section.

Importance of Organisational Commitment

Commitment to Lived Experience workforce development increases as exposure to Lived Experience work and concepts increases. 


Greater exposure to the roles also increases understanding of the work and the perceived value of lived experience broadly. 

Higher levels of perceived value and understanding leads to an increase in commitment, action and investment.


However, low levels of exposure and understanding lead to negative stereotypes, limited commitment and investment, and less effective Lived Experience initiatives and outcomes. 

exposure, increasing understanding, higher perceived value, personal commitment, active championing

What does Commitment to Lived Experience Roles Look Like?

A genuinely committed organisation, is one that...

Is willing to be


Is willing to be


Is open to change

Makes a philosophical commitment to Lived Experience workforce development

Makes a long term financial commitment to Lived Experience workforce development

Ensures Lived Experience workers have adequate resources and training opportunities

Takes steps to protect the authenticity of the roles, including appropriate Lived-Experience led supervision

Employs sufficient full-time equivalent Lived Experience workers including designated Lived Experience

roles with the power to influence

How to Build Organisational Commitment

  • Commit as an organisation to recovery and person-directed service delivery

  • Ensure organisational values align with and promote Lived Experience perspectives

  • Promote leadership and championing of Lived Experience at all levels of the organisation

  • Create impactful Lived Experience leadership positions that are properly resourced and able to support and guide development of the wider Lived Experience workforce, including maintaining the integrity of Lived Experience roles.

image showing relationship between organisational commitment to the LE workforce
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