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Below you will find a selection of important reports and noteworthy research with key findings for the Lived Experience workforce. The research featured here has been led by credible Lived Experience researchers, or effectively presents findings on issues crucial to the Lived Experience workforce. The WHO report provides policy implications for development of the Lived Experience workforce. Links to summaries and/or full-length texts are provided below. This list will grow over time and is not intended to be exhaustive, rather to cover critical themes and feature ground-breaking work.

Summary of ‘Guidance on Community Mental Health Services: Promoting person-centred and Rights-based Approaches’

World Health Organisation (2021)

An update on the growing evidence base for peer support.

Bellamy, C., T. Schmutte & L. Davidson (2017)


Organizational climate and support among peer specialists working in peer-run, hybrid and conventional mental health settings

Jones, N., G. B. Teague, J. Wolf and C. Rosen (2019). 

Subset of research on user/survivor leadership in mental health work and academia 
Identified by the Advancing User/Survivor Capacity & Leadership in Research international listserv as being user/survivor led

Designed to Clash? Reflecting on the Practical, Personal, and Structural Challenges of Collaborative Research in Psychiatry

Beeker et al. (2021)

Uncovering the emotional labour of involvement and co-production in mental health research

Faulknew, A. & Thompson, R. (2020)

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