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Mental Health But Not As You Know It

Louise works from the perspective of her own experience of significant mental health challenges, service use, and periods of healing. 

Dr Louise Byrne has utilised her lived experience knowledge in a variety of roles in government, non-government and tertiary settings since 2005, including a role as an expert advisor to the Queensland Mental Health Commission and as Australia’s first full-time Lived Experience Mental Health academic at CQUniversity.

Helping People Cope With Mental Illness Stigma: 'Believe In Them'


Lived experience practitioner Louise Byrne tells the Q&A audience how to help someone facing stigma associated with mental illness.

Q&A Highlight – Makes Me Feel Other

Dr Louise Byrne tells of the stigma she faces in disclosing that she has had significant mental health challenges and the fear people have in discussing these issues.

Lived Experience Mental Health

Lived experience mental health By Cassie McCullagh on Life MattersLouis Byrne
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Louise Byrne is using her personal experience of severe mental illness to teach mental health nurses about the benefits of peer support. Informed by their own lived experience , peer support workers help patients navigate the mental health system and offer care and friendship on the road to recovery.

Duration: 9min 34sec

TheMHS Conference 2019 S33 Keynote Louise Byrne

Keynote presentation by Louise Byrne at TheMHS Conference 2019
"If we value lived experience, why is disclosure still fraught, and what can we do about it?"

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Makes Me Feel Other
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