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Lived Experience led research into

Lived Experience Workforce development

Increasingly, designated Lived Experience roles are being employed in support services and beyond. These unique roles are informed by lived/living expertise gained by personal experience of mental health challenges and/or alcohol and other drug use, accessing services, and periods of healing/recovery.

Research indicates that Lived Experience roles contribute to improved wellbeing for people accessing support services and potentially for the wider workforce. However, there is currently limited understanding about Lived Experience work and why it's important.


Lived Experience Leadership features the findings of 12 years of research studies focused on this workforce in a range of settings, to foster a better of understanding and respect for Lived Experience as a distinct discipline and build clarity on what makes this work unique and valuable. Importantly, this body of research was led by Lived Experience researchers.

Lived Experience Leadership provides clear and simple to read research summaries to allow community members and people employed within various industries the opportunity to easily understand and apply strategies within their own workplace. This website also includes easy to download definitions, audio/visual resources, and features key work by other Australian and International sources. The website will continue to grow to include larger collections of our research as well as other key work.

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